Miss M. Joie


Twitter: @JoieMissy



The Ultimate Transgender Companion.

Discreet. Kinky. Polite. Funny. Relaxed. Intense.

"MJ is one of the most intelligent women I've met. She is intellectually challenging which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also found her attentive, tactile and submissive nature made for a wonderful interaction. She can also be a bit of a tease!"

Drinks: Wine, malts, coffee.

Cuisine: Thai, French, Spanish.

Interests: Books and literature, writing, poetry, music (classical), musicals, theatre, concerts, opera, cooking, walking, art and sketching, linguistics, motorcycles, cinema, philosophy and spirituality.

As dinner companions or intimate guests go, I'm a rather special twinkly star (supernova perhaps). You will find me honest, engaging, fun, and generally human. I have a relaxed way of conversation and make passionate, caring, kind company.


Although I have profoundly adept skills in the bedroom, I have found that the most rewarding exchanges in escorting occur when our relationship encompasses far more than physical intimacy alone. Let us see the theatre together, have our breath taken away by a ballet, laugh over cocktails, explore bookshops or even snuggle down under a duvet and tell me your troubles in confidence.


Sometimes escorting is intense and sweat soaked love making. Sometimes it is quietly holding hands and being close to each other. Sometimes it is learning to trust and care for someone,

holding their vulnerabilities gently and with compassion.

I love dinner dates, and I find them a wonderful way to start a long term friendship. Yes, friendship. I have been a companion for over 8 years, and I enjoy it immensely. I'm not going anywhere if you would like to develop something meaningful and long term.


I'm a happy, positive person who has much zest and joy of life. I love new experiences, exploring, learning.


Don't be shy if you are new to the companionship world.

I'm a friendly soul with much experience.

Let me know what you desire.

I'm quite unshockable and entirely unjudging.

We are all human

We all have needs

Let me satisfy some of them.


MJ  xx