Miss M. Joie


Twitter: @MissMJoie



I live in the beautiful city of Glasgow, and regularly visit sunny Edinburgh.


I can also travel to you anywhere in the world.

Bangkok, Casablanca, San Francisco, Reykjavík, Paris... Somewhere new?

Let me join you on your travel or business trip.


As dinner companions or intimate guests go, I'm a rather special twinkly star.


You will find me honest, engaging, fun, vulnerable and generally human.

I have a PhD in science and hold scintillating, relaxed conversation spanning literature, science, politics, philosophy to sex. I'm loving, caring, good company.


I am rather submissive and enjoy a man to be in control.

The Ultimate Transgender Companion.

Don't be shy if you are new to the companionship world.

I'm a friendly soul with much experience.

Let me know what you desire. I'm quite unshockable and entirely unjudging.


We are all human.

We all have needs and cravings.


Let me satisfy some of them.

The first step to a companionship experience?


Write an introductory email to me.


We can then chat and exchange further contact details.


Discreet. Kinky. Polite. Funny. Relaxed. Intense.

IMG_13192 IMG_13955

Because more is more....

A Perfect Duo.

More Than a Double Act.

I am deeply privileged to be able to offer the stunningly beautiful Lakshmi and myself as a dual courtesan service.

Because pleasure is greater than the sum of parts.

Let us attend to your every need.

Light needs you never knew you had.


An encounter with us will never be forgotten.



Free Market Value.

"All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." M. L. King

1 hour (no intimacy):         £60

1 hour incall:                       £120

1 hour: outcall:                   £150

Overnight                            £500

I really enjoy accompanying clients on travel and business trips.

Special package rates can be discussed for these on an individual basis.



Common Queries.

A Pre - Emptive Strike.

Where are you from?

I was born and grew up in Englandshire, then lived for many years in India. I've been in Scotland about 8 years now. My accent is BBC world service style from having to speak very clearly in Asia.

Why do you not show your phone number?

I find a good introductory mail suffices to filter out many time losses. Once the details of our meeting have been arranged via mail, you can of course have my mobile number.

What gifts do you enjoy receiving?

I'm a huge fan of single malts, the peatier the better! Lagavulin, Bunnahabhain, Laphroaig, Ardbeg, all bring me immense joy... but maybe you can convert me with a good Speyside. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably not. Try me.

Are you pre- or post- operation?

I am post operation.